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The smarter way to hire early career talent

Meet Gradwork, your trusted partner for recruiting high potential, high skilled, and low turnover talent to grow within your organization.

How it works

Gradwork is a proven recruiting system for finding and recruiting the best early career talent amongst underrepresented groups.

1. Blind Assessments

Project-based and culture-fit assessments are submitted anonymously to evaluate soft and hard skills without bias.

2. Scoring Rubric

Consistently make informed hiring decisions and provide valuable feedback in an easy, fair, and transparent way.

3. Interview Requests

Review resumes and personal info after interview requests are accepted by your favorite submissions.

Find the Diamond in the Rough

High potentials are found everywhere, including underrepresented groups, community colleges, and self-education. Gradwork connects you with job seekers who want to be considered for a career based on their skills, performance, and future impact at your company. With Gradwork, you can give all candidates (no matter their diverse backgrounds) the opportunity to show their abilities and prove their worth

Gradwork connects you with work-ready grads from hundreds of community colleges who outperform candidates from ivy league schools.

Why Gradwork?

The most effective, unbiased, and affordable way to find high-performing, low-turnover early talent.

vs Job Boards

For entry-level talent, resumes more often look the same and interviews are not a good predictor of future success. Candidates who apply through Gradwork, show their job readiness by completing real-world, project-based assessments.

vs Internships

While Gradwork can replace costly internship programs, internships can still be an effective recruiting tool. Companies who find interns through Gradwork, greatly increase their intern to full-time employee conversion rate.

vs Outsourced Recruiting

While you only pay for results, outsourcing your recruiting can be very expensive. With Gradwork, we bring you qualified and passionate applicants and you only pay a small fee for the candidates you want to interview.

Ready to learn more?

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